MIG Co., Ltd was established under the certificate of business registration with the business code: 0310873910 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City on 24/05/2011 (4th issued on 03/04 / 2016)

  • English trading name: MIG COMPANY LIMITED
  • Common name: MIG
  • Headquarters: No 691, Nguyen Thi Dinh street, Cat Lai Ward, District Thu Duc, HCM City, Vietnam
  • Chi nhánh Myanmar: No.612, 8th Street (North), Maha Thukhita Road, East Gyogone, Insein Township, Yangon
  • Website: Migco.vn
  • E-mail: dungtran@migco.vn
  • Tel: +

 MIG Co., Ltd. is representing many international leading gas corporations such as: Air Liquide, BNF, Linde, Iwatani, Global Gas, Calgaz,… in Vietnam specializing in distributing industrial gases, medical gases, special gases include many components and gas industry equipment such as liquid pumps, bottles, valves, vaporizers, liquid tanks…

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