With a professional delivery team, well-trained on safety principles when using and dedicated, we will definitely serve and satisfy the most demanding customers

The quality of the product always meets the requirement of the customer; The cylinders are always tested and checked periodically to meet the most stringent standards

Experienced and dedicated technical, consulting staff will provide the fastest support. With professional workflow, we will serve customers with the most thoughtful way

Operating under a closed process; With the optimal solutions we offer that will help customers save a significant cost.

Special Gas

About us

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MIG Co., Ltd is a distributor of compressed gases, liquefied gases in Vietnam representing the leading gas corporations in the world such as: Soxal – Airliquide, Cryolor, Praxair, Nox … in terms of industrial gases, medical gases , many components special gas and all kinds of gas equipment such as liquefied gas pumps, Cylinders, valves, evaporators, liquid tanks …



With a history of nearly 10 years in the gas industry in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asia.

Specialized fields such as petroleum, medical, laboratory analysis, industry, fisheries, pharmaceuticals, chemicals …

business motto

With the motto “customer is breath” will bring the best service to customers. We are committed to bringing the professionand the best quality of products and services to serve customers in the most thoughtful and professional way.