The faraday cage structure will vary by model, scale and purpose of use. We will help you to understand more about the popular structure of faraday cage and its effective application in medical field:

  • Faraday cage or RF is built with walls and ceilings covered with heat-resistant materials. It is extremely flexible thermal and sound insulated by plaster.
  • The windows and doors are designed according to EMI / RFI standards with rotating and fireproof sliders, as well as automatic opening and closing mechanism according to customer’s requirements.
  • The frame of cage or barrier is made of wood or steel …
  • Modular floor
  • Faraday light, LED or halogen light
  • Ventilation: circulating the air for heating or cooling.


 Faraday cages are used in analytical chemistry to reduce noise when making sensitive measurements that require high accuracy.

Faraday cages or double-coupled faraday bags are often used in digital forensics to prevent remote erasure and alteration of criminal digital evidence.

Faraday cages or double-coupled faraday bags are often used in digital forensics to prevent remote erasure and alteration of criminal digital evidence.

Small physical Faraday cages are used by electronics engineers in testing the surrounding environment simulation of some devices to ensure that they can handle one of these conditions well.

Elevators and other rooms constructed with metal frames and led walls also simulate the Faraday cage effects.

It causes signal loss and creates a “dead zone” for users of cell phones, radio frequencies, radio receivers and other electronic devices when external electromagnetic signals are needed.

The current Magnetic Resonance Rmaging (MRI) scanning room is designed as the Faraday cage.

It helps in preventing unwanted transmission from outside entering to ensure the most accurate internal test environment

This will affect the results and obtained images in order to provide the best heath treatments.

 Electronic components of cars and planes are protected against electromagnetic interference by Faraday cages.

Faraday cages are also used in the manufacture of sensitive equipment components such as wireless door locks, navigation, GPS systems and lane departure warning systems.

Faraday cages are also important for car infotainment systems, such as radio, Wi-Fi and GPS display units.

Car and airplane passenger compartments are basically a Faraday cage application that protects the passengers from electrical charges, such as lightning.

And that is the reason why you should stay inside the car if the wires fall outside because the metal body of the car will act like a perfect Faraday cage.

It controls dangerous electricity around the car and transmits to the ground in order to protect the passengers inside.

Prisons often use shield room to block both incoming and outgoing calls from prisoners.

Faraday Cage is used to prevent spying, …

Shield of cables is screened such as USB cable or coax cable used for cable TV.

It is also used to protect the internal conductors from external electrical noise and prevent RF signals from leaking.

Microwave appliances also use Faraday cages to allow a transparent window shading to be seen.

For storing the electromagnetic energy inside the oven and shielding the outside from radiation impact.

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The inside of Faraday Cage


Shield plate

cua so phong faraday

The windows of Faraday Cage


The Faraday cage, the RF cage, the shield room or the Faraday shield is a kind of sheath used for blocking electromagnetic fields. A Faraday cage structure is constructed of conductive materials or a grid of such materials.

Faraday cage is named after the scientist – Michael Faraday who invented them in 1836. Currently, Faraday Cage is widely applied in information and communication technology, in healthcare, MRI machines (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), cars, aircraft compartments,….

So, why is the Faraday cage applied in many activities of human and how does it work? Why are people and equipment inside protected safely and Is the cage construction complex or not?

If you are in need of  building a RF cage in Vietnam, which supplier should you choose? Let’s find out the details in this article with MIGCO.


What is a faraday cage?

Faraday cage is a tool that protects electronic devices from electromagnetic radiation, named after scientist Michael Faraday.

Faraday cage is a type of electronically isolated chamber or a magnetic shield. In addition, it can be simply known as a special container which is capable of preventing electrical signals or waves passing through it.

It works by overlapping conductive layers with non-conductive layers. This creates a barrier to all objects inside and protects them from radiation effects.

Although it sounds complicated, you can actually build a Faraday cage using simple aluminum panels.


The operation principle of a Faraday cage is that the external electric fields make the charges in the conductive material of the cage be distributed. From there, they will cancel the effect of electric fields in the inner part of the cage.

This phenomenon is applied to protect sensitive electronic equipment (e.g. RF receivers) from external radio frequency interference (RFI) that is frequently present during equipment testing or alignment.

Faraday cage is also used to surround RFI-producing equipment, such as radio transmitters so that their radio waves can be prevented from affecting sensitive equipment nearby.

They are also used to protect people and devices against actual currents such as lightning strikes and electrostatic discharges. Because the cage has the effect of conducting current around the outside of the enclosed space and nothing can pass through or affect the inside.

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The Faraday cage cannot block stable or changing magnetic fields, such as the magnetic field of the Earth.

For example, some computer testing process of electronic systems requiring an environment free from electromagnetic interference can be performed in a screened faraday room or cage.

These shielding rooms are spaces that are completely enclosed by one or more layers of fine metal mesh or perforated metal sheets.

The metal layers will be grounded to dissipate any electric generated from both external and internal electromagnetic fields. Therefore, they are capable of blocking a large amount of electromagnetic interference.

Faraday cages can effectively block EMP waves from natural phenomena. But, some monitoring equipment, especially of higher frequencies, may be able to penetrate within the cage.