MICompany Limited a distributor in Vietnam represents the world leading corporations of industrial gas such as Soxal – Airliquide, Cryolor, Praxair, Nox, etc. in the fields of industrial gas, medical gas, specialty gas and all kinds of gas equipment such as liquid pumps, cylinders, valves, vaporizers, and liquid tanks, etc.

Our products are used in specialized fields such as oil, gas, medicine, laboratory analysis, industry, aquatic products, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, etc.

Our employees have many years of experience in the gasoline industry and are high spirit of responsibility, we committed to bring absolute satisfaction to customers by supplying products, services of consulting, installation and operation of products.

Date Name of products Price
09/06/2016 Industrial gas Contact 0918 377766
10/06/2016 Medical gas Contact 0918 377766
11/06/2016 Admixture gas Contact 0918 377766
12/06/2016 Helium gas Contact 0918 377766
08/06/2016 Industrial equipment Contact  0918 377766
10/06/2016 SF6 gas Contact 0918 377766
10/06/2016 Oxy gas Contact 0918 377766
10/06/2016 Purity gas Contact 0918 377766
10/06/2016 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Contact 0918 377766