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Nitrogen applications in life

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» In Medicine::

Nitrogen is the main ingredient in most medicines, and even antibiotics. Nitrous oxides are pharmaceutical anesthetic agents.

To preserve muscle tissue, organs, sperms and eggs, as well as bioproducts and biological samples.

» To Preserve packaged food

  • Nitrogen gas is used to preserve the freshness of packaged foods.
  • Nitrogen gas is used to prevent the oxidation of food, so spoilage and other oxidative rancidity will be delayed.
  • It is also used as a substitute for carbon dioxide to pressurize beer tanks, especially for high alcohol stout and typical ale beer of England and Scotland because this gas will create less foam, making the beer more pure and heavier. In addition, nitrogen gas can be added in canned beer or Guinness draft beer.
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»Some Applications of nitrogen gas in refrigeration for open cycle include:

  • Nitrogen gas is an extremely cooling agent that can instantly harden living tissue when directly exposing. When appropriately isolated from ambient heat, it acts as a type of concentrator and a gaseous nitrogen transporter without compression.


To production of light bulbs:

Nitrogen gas is often used to replace argon in manufacture light bulbs and incandescent bulbs with lower cost.

To produce fertilizer:

  • Nitrogen is one of the most important components of fertilizers to help increase fertility of soil and plants.
  • Its main uses are promoting plant growth and increasing agricultural productivity.

To produce reactive compounds

  • It can easily produce volatile and highly reactive compounds: nitrogen triiodide, ammonium nitrate, nitric acid, trinitrotoluene (TNT) and nitroglycerin.

To produce stainless steel:

  • Nitrogen is commonly used in the electroplating process that produces stainless steel to make it strong and more resistant to corrosion.

To cool CPU

  • Liquid nitrogen can be used as a cooling source for CPU as well as a GPU for acceleration or other types of hardware machinery. 

To manufacture high voltage equipment

  • Dry nitrogen gas is used to make the dielectric gas to produce high voltage equipment.

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Brief introduction about nitrogen gas

What is nito ?

Nitrogen is a common chemical element, its chemical formula is N2 and its atomic number is 7. Under normal conditions, nitrogen gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless.

Nitrogen makes up about 78% of the air and it is also one of the most important nutrients for the life of all living things.

Although gaseous nitrogen is very abundant in the atmosphere, most organisms are inaccessible it in elemental form.

Today, we will find out more interesting information about this gas such as what nitrogen gas is and its specific application in industry as well as in daily-life.

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How many types of Nitrogen gas? 

Depending on the using method, nitrogen gas is divided into several categories according to different purity:

Nitrogen 4.0 is equivalent to the purity of 99.99%:

  • This gas is often used in welding, used to clean pipes, preserve food, and check out the leak of pipes.

Nitrogen gas 5.0, 5.2, 5.5 equivalent to higher purity of 99.999%, 99.9992%, 99.9995%:

  • This type of Nitrogen gas is often used in research laboratories, hospitals or analysis centers, where high accuracy is required.

What are the properties and composition of nitrogen gas?

  • The electron configuration of nitrogen gas is: 1s22s22p3

  • Structural formula: N≡N
  • Molecular formula: N2

Pure nitrogen is a liquefied gas. When in molecular form, it is colorless and nitrogen only reacts chemically with lithium at room temperature.

Chemical properties: Nitrogen is a nonmetal with electronegativity at 3.04, with 5 electrons in the outermost layer. Thus, it is trivalent in most compounds.

Nitrogen liquefies at 77°K (-196°C) at atmospheric pressure and freezes at 63°K (-210°C). Liquid nitrogen is a refrigerant commonly used in daily-life.

Physical properties: Nitrogen is slightly soluble in water, easily liquefied and solidified at low temperatures. This gas does not sustain burning and respiration.

How to make up nitrogen?

The demand for nitrogen gas is increasing rapidly, then have you ever wondered how nitrogen gas is prepared or produced?

In industry, nitrogen gas is produced in large quantities by liquid-air fractional distillation based on the principle that substances in air are boiling differently. And then, people collect nitrogen gas after the reaction by water repulsion method.

In the laboratory, nitrogen gas is made up by using nitrite salt pyrolysis through the chemical reactions below:

  • NH4NO2→t∘N2+2H2O
  • NH4Cl+NaNO2→t∘N2+NaCl+2H2O

What is the nitrogen supply method?

♦ 1.5m3 Nitrogen gas in 10-liter cylinder, 2m³ Nitrogen gas containing in 14-liter cylinder for those who want small amount or for easy and convenient carrying around.

♦ 6.7m³ Nitrogen in 40-liter and 47-liter cylinder for those customers often in need of large amount in factory or for the projects.

♦ 10m³ Nitrogen gas in 50-liter cylinder under the pressure of 200 bar for people with high and regular demand for nitrogen gas.

We deliver liquid nitrogen by tank truck, Xl-45 tank, safe BTIC tank with evaporator depending on the amount the customer needs.