Applications of N20 gas

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The application of N2O gas plays an important role in human daily life. Specifically, N20 gas is used in some main areas such as:

Medical Gas:

  • N2O is commonly mixed with other gases (e.g. N2O 50% / O2 50%) that is used as an analgesic agent or pure N2O gas for anesthesia.
  • It is also used for Cryosurgery (deep cold). N2O has been shown to be effective in many remedies for alcoholism.
  • In addition, dinitrogen monoxide is an extremely important ingredient in sedatives. However, N2O also caused some undesirable side effects and it used to be analyzed whether it should be used as a medical gas anymore.

Packaging technology

  • Nitrous Oxide is used as a gas propellant for the package of spray bottle and N2O gas is also used to package pharmaceuticals.
  • Food: N2O is used for making whipped cream, it is contained in fresh cream sprays and commonly call “Gas ISI”.


  • It is used for manufacture of semiconductors, in the preparation of calibration gas mixtures for the petrochemical industries and the production of liquid nitrogen.
  • Nitrous Oxide gas is used to increase the productivity of vehicle engines.
  • It is also used as an oxidizer in rockets.
  • It is used in AAS, heavy metal analyzers.


  • In the manufacture of semiconductors, N2O gas is the source of oxygen for the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of silicon oxynitride (doped and undoped) or silicon…
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What is N2O gas?

N2O gas is called “laughing gas” or Nitrous Oxide – Nitrogen Oxide. In fact, it is a substance causing anesthesia.

Chemical name of N2O gas is Nitrous Oxide or Nitrogen Monoxide. It was first discovered in 1973. Critical temperature of Nitrous Oxide gas is 370 degrees C, its critical pressure is 74.0 bar and its molecular mass is 44.013.

Nitrogen Monoxide is a colorless anesthetic gas with a mild sweet taste and 1.5 times heavier than air. N2O is not flammable, but it is oxidizing. Thus, it is able to push the combustion between other chemicals. However, it does not sustain life like oxygen, it can cause asphyxiation.

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