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Single & multi-component standard gas cylinders

For calibration of solitary gas concentration instruments, a single calibration gas cylinder can be used. In other words, each cylinder contains only 1 type of gas: CO2, H2S, CO, O2,…In addition to a single gas meter, there is also a device that measures the concentration of toxic gas mixtures. With this device, we need to use calibration gas cylinders containing a variety of gases.

With a multi-component calibration gas cylinder, it saves you money compared to a single calibration gas cylinder.

If you use monogas for many times to measure concentrations of many gases, the time it exposes to toxic gas is longer. Thus, the mixed gas mixture will help you limit your exposure to the environment of toxic gas.

MIGCO provides standard gas cylinders simultaneously containing many gases: CO2, H2S, CO, CH4, O2,… for this need of use

In just one standard gas cylinder, there are a variety of gases with the right gas concentrations built-in. It is really convenient for calibration of 4 or 5-toxic-gas detectors including CO2, H2S, CO, CH4, O2.

  • Standard gas cylinder contains 50% LEL Methane (CH4) / Air, Model 2AL
  • Standard gas cylinder contains 2.5% Carbon Dioxide (CO₂), 20.9% Oxygen (O₂), Balance Nitrogen (N₂)
  • Standard gas cylinder contains 25PPM Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S), 50PPM Carbon Monoxide (CO), 2.5% Methane (CH), 12% Oxygen (O₂), Balance Nitrogen (N₂)
  • Standard gas cylinder contains Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 50ppm balance air – Model 8AL
  • Standard gas cylinder contains 25PPM Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S), 100PPM Carbon Monoxide (CO), 0.35% Pentane (C₅H₁₂), 19% Oxygen (O₂), Balance Nitrogen (N₂)
  • Calibration gas cylinder contains 25ppm Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S), Balance Nitrogen (N₂)
  • Calibration gas cylinder contains 10ppm Ethylene Oxide (C₂H₄O), Balance Nitrogen (N₂)

In addition to the standard air cylinders mentioned above, customers can purchase the mixed gas consists of many more different gas component depending on their intended use. Please contact us immediately.

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Common types of calibration gas cylinders:

» For use in these fields: automotive industry, used in machine calibration/strong>

  • 20% O2 in synthetic air + 80% N2:

» For use in the field of measuring the radiation in the furnace/strong>

  • 2.5 ~ 8% O2 in synthetic air, the rest is N2

For use in the field of welding protective gas mixture

  • Ar/CO2; Ar/ O2Ar/CO2/O2;

» For use in the field of measuring the radiation in the furnace

  • 2.5 ~ 8% O2 in synthetic air, the rest is N2
  • 400vpm (500mg / m3) CO in air mixture, the remaining N2
  • Mixed gas 280vpm (800 mg / m3) SO2, the remaining N2
  • 700vpm (2000mg / m3) SO2 in air, the remaining N2/span>
  • 300vpm (400mg / m3) NO in mixed gas, the rest is N2

Common gases for gas chromatography:

  • 40% H2 in He (FID Fuel)               Fuel Gas for GC-FID (THC < 0.5 ppm)
  • 40% H2 in He UHP (FID Fuel)      Fuel Gas for GC-FID (THC < 0.1 ppm)
  • 40% H2 in N2 (FID Fuel)              Fuel Gas for GC-FID (THC < 0.5 ppm)
  • 40% H2 in N2 UH (FID Fuel)        Fuel Gas for GC-FID (THC < 0.1 ppm)
  • 5% CH4 in Argon-ECD (P-5)          Make-up Gas for GC-ECD
  • 10% CH4 in Argon-ECD (P-10)     Make-up Gas for GC-ECD

CSee moe: Gas chromatography, gas liquid chromatography, ion chromatography

LASER gas can be a mixture of helium and neon gas. Argon or Krypton or Xenon gas can also be used as lasers. Sometimes, the mixture of CO2 and nitrogen laser are also used.

Mixed gas is used for CO2 Laser equipment with the ratio of: 4.5% CO2 gas, 13.5% N2, the remaining helium gas



TDepending on the requirements of different industries or fields, mixed gases will be used differently.

The application of mixed gas is quite common, they are used for a number of purposes:

  • /For Calibration of laboratory measuring equipment
  • For tracking technology gas lines
  • For the control of radiation
  • For the creation of a standard environment
  • For checking fire alarms.
  • For checking measuring devices in tracking devices.
  • For use in human activities underwater, water sports, scuba diving.
  • For use in diagnosis and medical treatment and anesthesia
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What is mixed gas?

Mixed gas is a compressed gas that contains more than one gas. And this gas mixture is mixed according to the set parameters.

Depending on the purpose and specific needs of use, there will be gas mixtures with different ingredients.

As we all know, a single gas does not always meet all the needs of human use. This is the main reason why chemists and experienced engineers have developed special gas or mixed gas products.

When being put on the market, these gases are ensured the removal of impurities in the mixture so that they will be more stable and effective for use.

Calibration gas

What is calibration gas and standard gas?

Calibration gas or mixed gas used for calibration is a group of mixed gases that meets up special requirements in terms of mixing tolerance factors, measurement stability and purity of the feed gas.

This highly accurate calibration mixed gas is used for calibration of measuring instruments.

 Common calibration gases and application of standard gases:

Calibration means activities aimed at determining and establishing relationships between the measured values ​​of a measurement standard or a measuring instrument compared with the measured value of a quantity to be measured.

Technically speaking, the essence of calibration is comparing measuring instruments with benchmarksFrom there, we can evaluate its errors and other technical and metrological characteristics.

Analyzation gas

Experimental analysis fields are increasingly focused and developed to meet social needs. As a result, the demand for analytical gas for these experimental applications has also increased significantly.

So what exactly is the analyte gas, and what are the common effects and analytical gases?

What is analytical gas?

Analytical gases are specialized gases used for analysis experiments or analytical gas can be known as a special gas used in the field of experimental analysis.

In the field of experimental analysis, especially in the field of gas chromatography, a special gas for use in the experiment is extremely necessary because it is to very important and indispensable material.

Depending on the purpose and requirements of the experiment, people use different gases or mixed gases.

Gas chromatography

What is gas chromatography?

Gas chromatography, or GC or GLC, is an analytical technique frequently used in many laboratories. Gas chromatography is also used in research and for quality control in industry.

Common gases for gas chromatography and the applications of gas chromatographic:

The use of gas chromatography is to identify and quantify compounds in mixtures. GC is also a technique commonly used by many environmental laboratories and forensic. Because it allows the detection of a very small quantity of substances.

Current gas chromatographic systems are often equipped with probes (FID, TCD, FPD, ECD, NPD, MS) with the function of simultaneously analyzing many types of organic compounds in different matrices.

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