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Reasons for Buying Ethylene gas at Migco

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Scraping rubber latex with Ethylene gas

MIG Co., Ltd. specializes in importing and selling Ethylene gas used in the method of applying to rubber trees. We provide Ethylene with the best prices in Vietnam.

  • Height: 50cm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Number of trees used: 500 – 600 TREE

Do you need to buy Ethylene gas for rubber tapping?

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Ethylene gases is widely used in the chemical industry. Ethylene worldwide consumption was more than 150 million tons in 2016.


Scraping rubber latex with Ethylene gas

Ethylene gases also works to increase rubber latex yield and almost other latex plants (papaya, pine …).

Ethylene is oxidized to produce ethylene oxide which is an important raw material used in the manufacture of surfactants and oxidizing detergents.

Ethylene is one of the petrochemical’s greatest products demonstrating the growing performance of the petrochemical industry.

Generating fruit vinegar to promote ripening

In addition, ethylene is also used to generate fruit vinegar for speeding up the ripening process.

Another application of Ethylene gases is natural discoloration of citrus peels so that pigmentation is changed without losing the flavor of the fruit.

It discolors the green skin of fruit by removing chlorophyll, then produces a yellow or orange color.

khí etilen làm cho trái cây mau chín

Producing Polyethylene:

Ethylene gas is mainly used to produce Polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

And it is also used in generating polystyrene (PS) for the production of all kinds of packaging, plastic bags, electronic device, material in textile, coatings and adhesives or for Construction Industry, ….

Some Useful Information about Ethylene Gases you may want to know:

What is Ethylene Gases?

Ethylene gas (IUPAC name: ethene) is know as a chemical hydrocarbon and its formula is C2H4 or H2C = CH2. This gas is flammable, colorless and its odor is of faint musk. Ethylene is practically used in agriculture and industry quite a lot.

Although Ethylene plays an important roll in industry, it is rarely produced in a laboratory.

Ethylene can be produced by rapidly dehydrating ethanol with sulfuric acid. The effect of Ethylene gas is like a plant hormone that stimulates or regulates the ripening process of fruit and plants

Ethylene gases properties:

  • The chemical formula of ethylene: C2H4
  • Melting point: -169,2 °C
  • Khối lượng phân tử của nó: 28,05 g/mol
  • Molecular weight: 1,18 kg/m³
  • Density -103,7 °C
  • Category: Anken

How were Ethylene gases discovered and what is its history?

In the past, the ancient Egyptians knew how to use ethylene to stimulate ripening figs in daily life. Besides, the Chinese used to incense in closed rooms to speed up the ripening process of pear.

In 1864, people discovered that gas leaks from street lights resulted in retardation, self-twisting, and abnormally thick stems of greenery.

In 1901, Dimitry Neljubow – a Russian scientist – showed that the active ingredient is ethylene. Farmers in Florida often used to use kerosene light to harvest ripe produce indoors and this method was originally thought to ripen fruit ripening by heat.

Ethylene research

In the 1800s

In the 1800s, many studies showing ethylene as a plant hormone began when scientists examined the effects of gas burning on plants.

In 1901

Dimitry Neljubow had determined that ethylene was contained in the lighting gas which affected plants. Therefore, he chose to develop the research about this important discovery.

In 1917

Sarah Doubt discovered that ethylene stimulates abscission.

By 1924

Frank E. Denny found that the ethylene gas emitted by kerosene lamps could help plants ripen rapidly.

In 1934, Richard Gane provided conclusive evidence that ethylene was perceived by plants

In the period from 1930 to 1960

many scientists do not believe that ethylene is a plant hormone.

In 1935

Crocker proposed that ethylene was a plant hormone that causes fruit ripeness as well as the aging of plant tissues.

At the end of the 1950s

At the end of the 1950s, the application of gas chromatography in ethylene research attracted more attention of scientists.

In the period from 1960 – 1980

people used to synthesize ethylene in plants by the biochemical method.

Highlights of Ethylene gases.

  • Ethylene is the simplest alkene, it takes the first place in the alkene range.
  • Ethylene gas is the simplest olefin.
  • Ethylene is the first gaseous biological signaling molecule discovered by humans.

khí ethylene là gì

Ethylene is synthesized by plants during certain growth stages. It meets the biological and non-biological requirements of each stage.

Ethylene is a factor influencing many aspects of growth and how plants react to environmental changes.

 Is Ethylene Gases harmful? How to respond on the incident if there is a risk while using ethylene?

Scientists conclude that ethylene gas has certain effects on human health after working on many studies

Main hazards while using Ethylene gas: Although Ethylene gas is flammable, it has to be transported in high-pressure containers. In addition, Ethylene causes asphyxiation easily, this must be noticed carefully.

Effects of Ethylene on health: Prolonged inhalation of Ethylene in significant concentrations of humans may lead to loss of awareness.

Ethylene gas rarely causes mild and deep anesthesia. But it still can be fatal, direct contact with liquid ethylene can numb and freeze exposed tissues.

Effects on breathing: Ethylene gas affects natural breathing due to lack of oxygen. The visible manifestations are rapid breathing, a decrease of alertness, fatigue, weakness of muscle, loss of sensation, weakness, and emotional instability. When the asphyxiation gets worse, the victim is easy to gets nausea, weakness, and loss of consciousness, then eventually lead to convulsions, deep coma, and death.

When directly contacting with eyes, the evaporation of liquid ethylene can cause tissue freezing.

When directly contacting with skin, the quick evaporation of liquid ethylene can cause cold burns.

Measures to minimize accidents while using ethylene gas:

Ethylene gas
We engage that all of our ethylene gas products can meet your requirements of purity, safety and quality.

Please follow the following precautions to minimize accidents when using or exposed to Ethylene:

For individual: Please do not carry anything that can cause fire or generate sparks, flames when entering the places that leaks used to occur or even enclosed spaces since ethylene gas can easily cause asphyxiation and ignited

For the environment: Ethylene is basically not dangerous to the environment, but it can form explosive gas mixtures when leaks occur. Please thoroughly do not use materials or make any effects that may produce sparks.

When a minor air spill occurs: Please turn off the supply as quickly as possible, e.g. closing the valves on the cylinder or tightening the nut section. If the minor leak cannot be stopped, please move the container to another safe area then burn to destroy the gas.

Some first aids for the victims injured while working with Ethylene

♦In every case of excessive Ethylene exposure, prompt and priority medical treatment is required.

♦ The victims must be removed from the contaminated areas in order to breathe fresh air.

♦  If the victim stops breathing, artificial resuscitation and oxygen supplementation are in need. Please try to keep them warm in an airy and quiet space.

In cases of eye contact with Ethylene:

♦In the case of burns caused by volatile Ethylene liquid, the victim needs to be removed quickly from the source of contamination.

♦ Please do not apply any ointment or oil to the eyes without medical advice.

♦  Do not wash the victim’s eyes with hot or warm water.

♦ Please open the victim’s eyelids as wide as possible so that the liquid can evaporate quickly. If any eye pain happens, you should immediately go to see an ophthalmologist for treatment.

♦ If the patient feels pain or dazzled by the light, please let them wear eye patches to minimize the effect of light and protect their eyes.

Trường hợp do Ethylene tiếp xúc với da:

♦ If frostbite occurs because of skin contact with Ethylene, please take the victim immediately to a warm water area, but not hot water.

♦ Remember to take the patient immediately to see a doctor if there are any cold burns, blistering, or deep tissue freezing.