E.O gas is required for the sterilization of medical products

Medical materials needing the large and regular amounts for sterilization are:

  • needle pumps, infusion lines.
  • Personal devices, cotton bandages, medical gloves and operating room clothing…
  • Operating room equipment: scalpel, medical instruments …
  • Packaging contains pharmaceuticals, medicines: vials of nasal eye tears, types of packaging products, tea filter bags …
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Advantages of EO sterilization compared to other methods

Currently, there are many methods of low-temperature sterilization but sterilization by EO gas is still preferred because of these outstanding advantages below:

Thus, EO sterilization method can be seen to have more advantages at low temperatures, suitable for most types of tools and equipment including plastics that do not tolerate high temperatures. Therefore, this method of disinfection by EO gas is more and more popular in the world, especially in the industrial scale of companies specializing in manufacturing medical materials and equipment

However, sterilization by EO gas also has disadvantage because Ethylene oxide is a toxic gas, it can affect human health.

Therefore, during the process of installing and using EO sterilization equipment and sterilized gas, workers should comply implement full protection measures as well as ensure work safety and check gas leaks to limit possible accidents

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Disinfection method by EO gas

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The concept of sterilization by EO gas:

EO sterilization or EO gas disinfection is a sterilization method widely used in the medical field and a number of related fields such as pharmaceutical and veterinary manufacturing. 

EO gas is used as an sterilization of medical equipment, tools, and products used for health care. 

EO sterilization system ensures that products are in sterile and safe conditions before being put on the market or put into reuse.

EO gas disinfection system in medical sterilization allows low temperatures and is compatible with most different materials.

It can be used for a variety of medical materials or tools indiverse materials, designs or volumes.

Why is Ethylene Oxide used as sterilized gas?

  • Ethylene oxide is used as sterilized gas due to its sterilization properties.
  • The principle of sterilization by ethylene oxide is that it essentially acts as a strong alkylation agent and affects DNA disruption. From that, chain reactions on the protein composition of microorganisms are caused to prevent them from being able to regenerate again.
  • Thus, Ethylene oxide gas can kill all viruses, bacteria, bacterial spores and fungi.
  • EO gas disinfection system is effective because this gas has good penetration that allows piercing through the layers of packaging made from paper, fabric or plastic effectively.
  • Ethylene oxide is suitable for sterilization of almost materials and all surfaces of the product when contactable.


EO gas disinfection machines are commonly used in different fields, but mostly still for health. The disinfection with EO gas of items and air in operating room and equipment ensuring gas sterilization is a cost-effective and easy-to-implement method.

How does EO sterilization work?, Why should ethylene oxide be used for sterilization? How does it work? Is the E.O gas disinfection system safe?

What is EO?

EO or Ethylene oxide is an organic compound with a chemical formula of C2H4O. The CAS code of E.O gas is: 75-21-8. 

Other names for EO gas are: Alkene Oxide, Oxane, Oxirane, Dimethylene Oxide, E.O, ETO, Dihydroxirene, Oxacyclopropane.

Properties of Ethylene Oxide

  • The vaporization temperature of ethylene oxide is at 10.4ºC.
  • At a temperature of 25ºC, EO gas is a colorless gas with a characteristic sweet ether smell. You can feel its appearance in the air when the concentration reaches over 500 ppm.
  • Ethylene oxide is easily soluble in water, ethanol, dietyl ether and many organic solvents.
  • It is also a flammable gas with a solution of just 4% in water that can also cause fire.
  • Therefore, when storing and transporting EO gas, people are common to compress this gas together with some inert gases such as CO2, N2 to form a liquefied mixture at high pressure to reduce its likelihood of explosion..

Toxicity of E.O gas

Industrial ethylene oxide is commonly used in industries producing synthetic glycol ether or ethylene glycol. 

Toxicity of E.O gas:

  • Ethylene oxide is toxic, it can cause bad reactions to human body such as skin irritation, causing headaches and vomiting.
  • It may cause short of breath and long-term exposure can cause pathology and risk of heart disease, paralysis or coma.

E.O gas used in Ethylene Oxide sterilizers


Disinfection with EO sterilized gas is most suitable for use in medical instruments. Because, when disinfected with steam in the traditional way, some types of tools can be deformed or modified properties at high temperatures.

Therefore, the disinfection of EO gas is more effective because it can increase the rate of reuse of medical instruments.

EO sterilizers usually consists of a large decontamination chamber, so a large amount of medical instruments, which you can’t disinfect with heat, can be disinfected in every one time.

This disinfection system allows sterilization of tools and materials that do not tolerate high temperatures or humidity levels, with any sizes or diameter of the tube barrel and also any length of the tool or the pipe cage, so it is suitable for most packaging materials.

Currently, ethylene oxide sterilizers are common and sold with different capacity such as

  • ZEOSS-160L (178 litres),
  • ZEOSS-225 (265 liters),
  • ZEOSS-450 (505 liters),
  • ZEOSS-80 sterilization machine (90 liters),
  • ZEOSS-80L (92 litres),
  • ZEOSS-900 (1032 litres),….

Depending on the needs of use, you can choose a disinfectant to be reasonable.

The installation and use of EO gas sterilization system are controlled by these factors below:

EO sterilization is carried out by exposing objects to ethylene oxide in a chamber or closed space.

Factors that may affect the sterilization efficiency of EO gases include: air concentration, air humidity, temperature levels and time for exposure.

  • Using EO sterilization machine equipment allows to maintain a stable sterilization temperature at 30oC to 55oC.
  • Good control of humidity in EO sterilization is very important, so we should keep the best humidity for sterilization chamber at 30% – 80%. Because, if it is too dry, the spores of bacteria can increase resistance to EO
  • Therefore, we have to keep humidity at a normal appropriate level in EO sterilization chambers.
  • EO sterilization ensures efficiency when the gas concentration reaches from 200ppm to 800 ppm.
  • Sterile exposure time is guaranteed to be thorough from 2 to 8 hours. The time of ethylene oxide gas neutralizing is about 4-8 hours depending on the size of the air chasing chamber.

Thus, the above information is all about medical sterilization gas EO. Hopefully you can better understand this Ethylene oxide gas through this article. If you are in need of buying EO gas, please contact us immediately to get the best quality purchase at the best price

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