nhân viên công ty TNHH MIGnhân viên công ty TNHH MIG
đại lý khí công nghiệp tại tphcmđại lý khí công nghiệp tại tphcm


  • MIG Industrial Gas, the prestigious industrial gas supplier in Ho Chi Minh City. As a major partner to distribute industrial gas monopoly in Vietnam.
  • As partners of the industrial gas corporations in the world such as Soxal – Airliquide, Cryolor, Praxair, Nox … industrial gas, medical gas, special gas many components and gas equipment such as liquid pumps, Bottles, valves, vaporizers, liquid tanks … are imported from Malaysia, Singapore.


  • Our industrial gas products are used in specialized fields such as oil & gas, medical, laboratory analysis, industry, seafood, pharmaceuticals, chemicals … with reasonable price. most market.
  • With a staff of many years of experience in the gas industry, with a high sense of responsibility, we are committed to bring absolute satisfaction to customers from the supply of products to the consulting services, installation and operation of the product.


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Hotline 0918 37 77 66

Email: vinhtranindgas@gmail.com

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